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The development of new digital technologies and the pandemic have established new consumer habits and commerce trends: shopping experience has changed due to the mixing of physical and digital activities into a new digital ecosystem.

The key to succeed in the consumer market is thus the research of a perfect “phygital” balance with a positive impact on consumers and providers.


Through this Call for innovation, Carrefour Italia is looking for digital solutions able to bring about innovation in the customer interaction management.

The ultimate goal is to identify technological solutions that will enhance the eCommerce experience through technologies (i.e.Text-To-Speech) that especially during the grocery pickup phase are able to increase customer satisfaction and operator efficiency simplifying feedback acquisition and analysis.

The best solution will be awarded a prize of 20.000 €

Who can apply

“DRIVE ME 2 CARREFOUR” is addressed to:

Startups / SMEs

University and research centre spin-offs

Focus Area

Identification of technological solutions that will allow customers to collect groceries at the pickup point (“DRIVE ZONE”) completely contact-free.

Solutions must guarantee that the store operators will:

- get orders by voice messages directly through their headphones (Text-to-Speech system) from an external server on Cloud (solutions requiring in store server, connected with the cloud application, would be also considered) ;

- be informed when customers are close to the “DRIVE ZONE” selected, so that they can prepare the orders in time for the pickup.

Solutions proposed will also ensure that:

- order and purchase phases represent an easy and comfortable user experience to the customer;

- operators can answer with speech or text messages.

A positive evaluation will be given to the solutions that:

- respond to other use cases (i.e., management of specific requests or complaints made by Carrefour customers);

- provide integration with Google Cloud Platform;

- offer dashboard and reporting systems for in-depth analysis.

Please read carefully the description in Art.4 of the Rules /Regolamento downloadable below


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How to partecipate

If you are a start-up or an SME developing innovative solutions and technologies, please fill out the application form of the present landing page in the section “Apply Now ". A description of your startup / SME and supportive documents are warmly recommended and can be enclosed to the form.

Selection Process

All Innovative Solution Proposals received by the deadline will be evaluated by an Advisory Board and selected for the mentorship. The mentorship program consists of four digital meetings on a weekly basis where selected applicants will work with Carrefour Italia and Lazio Innova experts to improve and fine-tune their Innovative Solution Proposals.

Innovation day and awarding ceremony

At the end of the mentorship phase, Innovative Solution Proposals will be presented during a pitching session. An Advisory Board will evaluate the solutions and the best three solutions will be awarded during the Carrefour Innovation Day.

20.000€ cash prize for the best solution.


The co-design phase closes the challenge. It is a three-day online program dedicated to the awarded solutions during which finalists will work on the definition of the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with the support of Carrefour Italia and Lazio Innova experts.

At the end of the co-design phase, Carrefour Italia will evaluate the opportunity of establishing either commercial or technological partnerships.



Lazio Innova Carrefour
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Lazio Innova Carrefour
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Lazio Innova Carrefour
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Lazio Innova Carrefour


Lazio Innova Carrefour
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April 4 2022 @12.00 a.m


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